Frequently Asked Questions

*What ingredients are in Comfort Gut?

100% pure steam activated carbon (charcoal), certified human food grade.

*Who can Comfort Gut be fed to?

Comfort Gut can be fed to all types of horses including foals, pregnant/lactating mares and stallions as the powder does not enter the blood supply, urine or milk.


+ Comfort Gut is not suitable for horse prone to constipation or impaction Colic + Comfort Gut must not be feed alongside prescribed medications without checking with your vet first. + Comfort Gut must not be fed the day before, the day of, or the day after worming

*My horse is international & subject to random blood & urine testing can I feed Comfort Gut?

Yes, is FEI legal and is a totally natural supplement.

*How much do I feed?

Feeding rate is as follows (1 level scoop= 15mL/~8g/~1 Tbsp) Horses: 2 level scoops twice daily Ponies: 1.5 level scoops twice daily Foals: 1 level scoops twice daily Maintenance Amount is half the stated level twice daily There is no timeline to reduce to the maintenance amount due to every horse and their situation being unique. This is left to the owner’s discretion. Our guideline is to reduce only when you are happy with the change in your horse. (Very stressy horses, horses under competition pressure and windsuckers can struggle to reduce to the maintenance amount)

*How long does a 1kg tub last?

On average a 1kg tub lasts the average horse 4 weeks and a pony 6 weeks

*What does Comfort Gut do?

Comfort Gut is isotonially attracted to gas, toxins, impurities and ‘dirt’, binds to them and carries them out of the horses system in their dung.

*Can I feed it with other supplements?

Comfort Gut has been specially selected so that it has such tiny pores at it will not absorb vitamins and minerals. For specific supplements/herbs please contact the rep directly for clarification.

*Do I need to feed Comfort Gut all the time?

This depends on the individual horse. If you are dealing with a short turn issue such as new grass/pasture change, hay/haylage issues or long term problems such as ride-ability, windsucking or tummy troubles. Customer have reported progress in areas such as reductions in bloating, improvements in fussy eaters, significant advancement in weight gain/topline & condition, ease in dealing with hay/haylage/grass related issues, reductions in windsucking activity and substantial changes in ride-ability and behaviour.

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